Jake Dykstra

Agent, Land Specialist

At a very young age, I found a handful of longspring and conibear traps underneath a pile of rubble in the remnants of a barn fire. Although no longer functional, my newfound treasure had ignited a passion in me for the outdoors that could not be denied.

Growing up, I walked many miles trapping creeks, ditch banks, and field edges, all the while gaining a healthy knowledge and appreciation for land and all the joy it provides. At fourteen years of age, I harvested my first whitetail. Since then, I have made it a mission to learn something new each season, trying to find the edge required to be successful when chasing mature whitetails.

My analytical mindset pushed me in the direction of Engineering, but I could not shake the earnest desire to be in the outdoors as much as I possibly could. It was through land management and habitat improvement that I found myself using technical and systematic skills learned from the Engineering field.

My passion for the outdoors soon overflowed into the desire to help others enjoy the same experiences that I have found land stewardship and conservation had to offer. I have always set high goals for myself, and I find an overwhelming satisfaction when I reach these goals.

Now as a Land Specialist, my goal is to help others in whatever way I can to conserve, engage, and enjoy the great outdoors. I am a strong believer in doing what I love, and now each day I have the opportunity to create lasting relationships built upon the foundation of helping others achieve their real estate dreams.

My Listings

142 Acres | Gladwin | $925,000

Nestled deep inside the woods, secluded well off of the blacktop road, resides the one-and-only high fence deer outfit; The Rack Ranch. View Full Listing >

88 Acres | Newaygo | $525,000

The finest recreational piece in Newaygo located on the mighty Muskegon River! View Full Listing >

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